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Of Our Own Device.

“The CIA and the KGB clash in the last showdown as the Soviet bloc enters its final years. Deception is the name of the game, and it pervades every aspect of Jack Smith's life - secrets to keep, secrets to find, and one to give away. And as Fate would have it, to the most improbable person in Moscow.”

Written over the course of five years, involving huge amounts of research, travel and expense, Of Our Own Device entwines two fictional characters with historically accurate events, well known and obscure, during the period of 1985 -1989. It was a time of great tension between East and West, the last years of the Cold War. The story explores the conflict within Jack, a gay CIA field operative, his denial of his own motivations, both personal and professional. The story derives additional power from the inclusion of real life events and characters that serve to subconsciously fill the reader's imagination with the countless news real footage we were exposed to, blurring the boundary between fact and fiction.

"Love is a striking example of how little reality means to us." Marcel Proust

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"[A] powerful historical novel with beautiful, captivating figurative language."

Igor Eliseev, author of the award-winning novel 'One-Two'.

"[A] riveting tale with a great conflict."

Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite

"Detailed and knowledgeable...[T]he characters are richly formed and keep you wanting to find out what happens in the end."

Manchester Military History Society.

"…incredible character development."

Jamie Michelle for Readers' Favorite

"The plotting is meticulous and brilliantly satisfying."

Joel R. Dennstedt, author of 'Hermit' and 'Orange Cappuccino'.

"M.K. South is a master of setting up suspense and intrigue which engage the reader from page one. A perfect novel for any lovers of historical events, espionage and spy thrillers."

Leslie Jones for Readers' Favorite.

"A definite recommendation for fans of spy fiction, Soviet history buffs, and readers looking for an intense M/M love story."

Award-winning author E.P. Clark.

"Highly recommended for lovers of spy thrillers that are down to earth and realistic."

Lucinda E. Clarke, author.